Story 47DX/SJ017

Story from 47DX/SJ017 activity.

After some chats with Tom 47RO109 during November about doing an activation we decided to activate one of our nearby islands in mid-December. Since its wintertime we decided to find a drive-by island or an island accessible via a ferry.

We chose Møn, its close to both of us and the island hasn't been activated for 7 more than years.

Date was set for December 12th and we found what seemed to be a good DX-spot at the South part of the island where we could stay very close to the sea (10-15 meters only).

Unfortunately Tom got ill prior to the set date and finally had to decide not to go.

The activation was already published so I decided to go alone - though I would scale down the setup as we had planned 2 generators running, amplifier, tent etc.

Instead I left home with a small setup, coffe and hopes for good propagation :-)

Arriving around 10.20 local (9.20 GMT) I started to check out the area and find best possible place to erect the antenna and park the car. Few moments later the antenna was on way up and then mounted to a good pole for support. Wind was strong from west but not a severe problem.

Moments later the cable was connected to the radio and the first stations was logged. As we all know these days don’t offer us much propagation but I gladly experienced:

- a few moments of a real Pile Up from UK

- a contact via Long Path to 153IR101 Jan, and thereby setting a new personal record for me in distance: Approx. 31.550 km.

- contacts to EU, South America, Australia, Asia, Carribien

- Number of DXCC's worked: 12

Around 14:30 (15:30 local which is 15 min. before sunset) I closed the station and took down the antenna. Leaving the site I heard 2NY141 via the mobile antenna at the car… First station heard from North America.

Took the opportunity to drive the 15 km out to Møns Klint, which is one of the few Danish World Heritage's. This is a pretty hilly area and amoung the highest areas in East Denmark so from there I made some nice local contacts from the cars mobile whip.

Later drove home and arrived in perfect time to a great Dinner with the family .-)


Radio: Yaesu FT-857D

Aplifier: nut used

Antenna: homemade 1 element loop ("Bamby 11") on 11 meters of pole

Power: from car battery

Thanks for reading.