Story 56DX/EU101/BE

Story from 56DX/EU101/BE activity.

A little story about Bergo island 56DX/EU101/BE.

I went from morning 7:30 time driving around the island by car Bergö. The weather was partly cloudy and the temperature is about 8 degrees. I noticed that the wind was really loud and the durability of the skypper would be a concern.

When I got to the island by ferry, I started looking for a peaceful place where I could set up station. I found a lee shore, and my position was instantly ready for the Island Festival 2016.

I opened my radio and I found the same silence as the day before. A few CQ`s I got my first station in the log, and it was a good friend of Timo 56FL001. Immediately after the 47DX101 Mr.John and then log enteries were slow.

Propagation was a long silence and I decided to move to another location. I drove Bergö fishing harbor which was a really nice place and, above all, the waterway was open directly to Europe. The place was fine but windy gusts and were certainly more than 20 m/s.

Outlets in the main log scarce, but congratulations to all of them! The strongest position was 47DX101 John, whose signal had peak + 10db.

Here is yet again become a better propagation!

Thank you to all the participants consulted again next year from one of the island!

-Panu / 56DX113