Story 56DX/EU101/BJ

Story from 56DX/EU101/BJ activity.

A small story Björkö island activation Island Festival 2016.

I packed the car the night before and I was prepared to activate the EU101 / BJ (Björkö) island.

I arrived about 9:40 and about a matter of urgency to set up a station.
I drove the car Björkö port breakwater head, where I have been ever before. There must not be left alone and off-road obstacles not interfere with the signal of departure.

The first contact came 10:12. I had a little idea of ​​who could be the first and BINGO! He was 47DX101 Mr.John. John's position is incredible and 2 way connection is successful with her at all times, regardless of time and place, she is really a BIG station! The next was the 47DX054 Leif and so the activation began.

Propagation was generally poor, but small openings came from time to time. The weather was quite cold on Saturday, 12 degrees and a north wind.

The last QSO in the log recorded in 13:31 after which I moved to prepare for the next day :)

Thank you to all the participants - It was nice again next year - be heard!

-Panu / 56DX113