Story 74/13DX111

Namibia 2011

First of all I would like to say thanks to Michael 74LD101 and his family for the great hospitality during my 1 week trip to Namibia. Also thanks to Tom 47DX052 who took over the QSL Management and Darran 26DX047 for his great web support.

I started my trip on Wednesday the 26th of October and reached early morning on Thursday the 27th in Namibia. The flight time was round +-10h with Air Berlin. The customs where asking me for my Address in Namibia, but I had to tell them “I don’t know”, because Michael told me to pick me up at the airport, so I had no address from him, and his Post Box address I had in my head was not counting as a valid address hihi. Anyhow it´s Africa so they told me to go out of the security area and to look for my friend to get the address.This was easy because Michael was already waiting at the gate to give me the needed info.

Shortly after we where on the Road from Husea Kutako Airport to Windhoek. The drive took us only about 40min., and it was great to see already some African wildlife on the street side. We also passed by the Radio Station Hoffnung, but there was no possibility for a closer look.

My visit was mainly a holiday trip to see the country side, so this time the hobby was just secondary. After a excellent evening meal with Oryx BBQ and a couple of beers I went to bed. On the next morning I was up quite early and enjoyed my first African sunrise. It wasn’t to warm just about 8C°, but the temperature was rising fast and around 11:00 a.m the thermometer showed 32C°. Michael and me decided to do some small Antenna work, because he was not using the station for some time and it needed a new coax cable. Two hours later and after a couple cold drink breaks, everything was ready & I was able to get on air as 74/13DX111. The condx where great & stations from all over Europe had 59+ signals.

During the next days I visited a couple great places around Windhoek, some of them where Joes Beer House “it´s a must see”, downtown Windhoek including Christchurch, the National Botanic Garden, Tintenplast “Ink Palace” & the beautiful Okapuka Ranch, just to name a view.

The days where going very fast and before I looked around the 7days where gone & I had to catch my plane back to Germany. It was a great experience and Im looking forward for my next Trip to this beautiful country.

Marc 74/13DX111