Activity Guidelines

At these pages you will find Guidelines to obtain a Delta-Xray activity callsign.

Notice please: In general we only support 2 kinds of activities:
- island-activities and
- DXCC-activities
We only support these activities if certain criteria are fulfilled.

Please refer to Definitions and Intentions for futher information.

We differ between 2 different kinds of activity:

1. An Official Club Activation
When running an official Club Activation you will use an Activation Callsign which is an official club callsign.
Examples: 71DX/0, 213DX/3, 14DX/ME014, 20DX/EU062/E or 161DX/P018.

When using An Official Club Activation Callsign you represent the club. Therefore the club will support you with
- a DXRC Activation homepage from where you must show your proofs, pictures, your story etc.
- From our website we also offer you logsearch.
- All QSLs go via DXRC-Bureau.
On the other hand we expect you to accept the contact, mentioned below.

It is expected that Official Club Activations are on the radio a lot of the time (regurlar activity).

To go to our page about Official Club Activations, click here.

2. A portable callsign
You can be "on air" with your own callsign also when you are not transmitting from home. In that case please always use your home personal callsign.

Feel free to use the traditional callsigns endings:
- "callsign/p" (example: 47DX002/P - p=portable)
- "callsign/m" (example: 47DX002/M - m=mobile)
- "callsign/a" (example: 47DX002/A - a=alternative address)
- for other countries "DXCC/callsign" (example: 1/47DX002 when transmitting from Italy)
- for islands the correct suffix.

When transmitting "portable" you have no obligations towards the club regarding proofs, written story etc. The club will not provide you with an activation homepage nor logsearch etc.
Transmitting portable is like transmitting from home.

Portable callsigns are also used for more relaxed "holiday style" with irregular activity.

To go to our page about portable callsigns click here.

General considerations
As a general consideration, please read this:
a. When you work from your (primary) home, you use your DXRC-callsign.
b. When you work from an alternative QTH in the same DXCC as you live in, you use your DXRC-callsign
c. When you work from an alternative QTH and this is an island (an island different from the one you live on as your primary QTH) you can attach the “island-numbers” to your callsign, like “47DX132/SJ015” (=portable callsign)
d. In general, we do not run Official DXRC activities from islands where we have active 11-meter DX-stations.

As of 1/1-2013 we can dispensate for Portable Activities and offer service as an activatity was an Official Activation.
This can be done for instance if a member is visiting another country which is not a "Group 1 DXCC" nor a Group 2 DXCC" (where we normally issue Activity Callsigns) but a "Group 3 DXCC" and when many QSO's are expected.

In these cases the activity will be treated 100% as it was an Official Activatity (Activity Agreement sent it, proofs made, log sent in - etc. and Log search offered, QSL via DXRC Bureau etc.)

Latest update: 01/01/2013 (vers.3.0)

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