Activity Proofs

At this page you will find information regarding proofs for DXRC Activities.

It is very important to DXRC that we can show solid proofs from our activities.
Therefore we require from our members - when they are at the activity spot
to secure extremely solid and good proofs.

In respect for each and every operator working you, you must secure good proofs.

Therefore: It is better to work only 1 station and have great proofs - than to work 100 stations and have bad proofs.

Always take time to secure and collect good proofs!!!

When arriving at the scene of activation, please collect proofs before starting the activity, doing so you are certain that you have proofs whatever happens.
Please also remember it is possible to start collecting proofs "along the way", landmarks, signposts, boat trips etc...

When active and on air, whenever possible, try and use video footage, video not only proofs you were there, but it also proofs you transmitted and operated the radio from where you said you were !

All DXRC activities are validated for proofs by the DXRC Validation Team.

Before running a DXRC activation, please read (+ fill in all needed info), and send this agreement - to 26DX047 Darran.

Please remember any proofs which contain personal information or details can be edited, for safety reasons (your safety): Your face on a photo can be edited (black box over eyes or face), your name in the passport and on any tickets can be removed etc.
This can always be made when you are safe home after your trip - therefore: Fear nothing when taking photos!!

Save all kinds of tickets: aeroplane, boat, ferry, tram, train, admittance to ZOO, museums etc. The more proofs, the better.

Save all kinds of bills: from the Hotel, from the Bar, from the Restaurant, from your Telephone calls etc. The more proofs, the better.

Bring home a local Newspaper and other local stuff. The more proofs, the better.

Photo and film:
To underline your proof, take plenty of pictures showing your rig at the Hotel, the antenna at the Camping site etc.

When taking a picture, always have at least 2 things in focus (= in the same picture):
- in photo must be persons (you!) and rig (station, equipment etc.)
- in photo must be persons (you!) and antenna
- in photo showing you in front of bridge or boat crossing to the island + pics at the bridge/at the boat
- in photo must be something local, like hotel, roadsign, landmark, building or any other recognizable scenery showing that you really "are there".
- the GPS and the station

Or even better: Try to have 3 things in the photo:
- you, a landmark and the station
- you, stations and GPS, etc.....

Here you can read the photo technique page to help collect good quality photographs.

GPS ( Global Positioning System ):
GPS is a fantastic tool to aid any Dxpeditioner. A GPS screenshot with longitude & Latitude coordinates combined with GoogleEarth is good way to show exactly where you are.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger picture.

Example of GPS coordinates inserted into GoogleEarth to show exact location.

47DX002/PI using GPS:
GPS of 47DX002/PI. GoogleEarth.

21DX/JI using GPS:
GPS of 21DX/JI. GoogleEarth.

ATTENTION: Our experience shows that pictures of GPS often are blurred, unsharp and out of focus.
Please make sure - on site - that the pictures of the GPS are sharp and in focus. When you are back home, its too late...

- - - - - - - - - -

When in the area of the activity, take picturs of recognizable Landmarks or scenery
which prooves you were in the vicinity:
Landmarks and scenery. Landmarks and scenery. Landmarks and scenery.

- - - - - - - - -

Using Newspapers, till receipts etc we can prove we were in the vicinity at time / date
of radio transmissions:
date, time, gps. date, time, gps. date, time.

- - - - - - - - - -

Photos of operator(s) next to local sign-posts like hotel, roadsign:
Tokelau sign. 307DX/1 local sign. 161DX/F001 local sign.

- - - - - - - - - -

Photos showing operator(s) with equipment, rig, station etc.
58/14DX007 with Equip. 14DX/VGI and Equip. George with equipment.

- - - - - - - - - -

It is important to show photo's of operator (s) with antenna in frame.
178DX/EU181 antenna. antenna installation. 161DX/P016 assembling antenna.

- - - - - - - - - -

Scanned images of tickets from aeroplane, boat, ferry, tram, train etc.
Also receipts from bar, Restaurants, telephone calls, admittance to ZOO,
museums etc, more proofs, the better.
Please remember any proofs which contain personal information or details
can be edited, for safety reasons.

aeroplane boarding passes. Ticket receipt from 47DX002/PI. 309/47DX101...NATO travel order.

- - - - - - - - - -

Photos showing operator (s) travelling via boat, ferry terminal etc.
Journey to the island via boat. Journey to Market via boat. Ferry terminal.

- - - - - - - - - -

Videos are a fantastic media to showcase proofs, its possible to show the journey to the destination, antenna, equipment, operator(s), landmarks, brigdes, boats etc. The list is endless when it comes to content of activations Video's.

Video of 213DX/1. Video of 344DX/HK. Video of 49DX/E096.

- - - - - - - - - -

Very important:
It is important that we collect a varied selection of proofs, i.e pics of radio, antenna, local signs, tickets, GPS, videos etc, the more we show, the better.

When collecting proofs:

1. Secure that proofs are for most contacts made.
In case you are in an island for one day, video record your first QSOs and your last QSOs When recording, record the radio with sound from radio, then change cam-picture to the overall station, then show antennas, then show the area with local landmarks IN SAME Video footage!

2. If you are on a DXCC/island for several days, collect proofs for each day. Especially first day and last day.

3. If you travel to the island on/off, secure NEW proofs for each access to the island/proofs where you transmit. This is to secure that the contacts made on a certain day also is prooved to be from the island/DXCC.

If an operator or team return back to an island or DXCC to carry on with that activity ( part one, part two, part three etc ), it is important to collect and show proofs for each time they visit and activate that place.

Direct cards:
It is very good proofs to send Direct Cards/ postcards to selected operators. When sending direct material, please also send one to Darran 26DX047. Darran will then upload the postcard to the activity page:
* To email Darran for his Postal Address, click .
* Dedicated DXRC-members
Contact DXRC HQ for names and addresses.

The proof must mainly be shown for your OWN SAKE.
With good proof it is certain that no one will ask questions about your activations validity.
DXRC will NOT approve your activation, unless solid proof are shown!!

Find a local telephone and call radio friends and ask them to call you direct inside the country.

Latest update: 30/04/2011 (vers.3.5)

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