DXRC World Meeting 2003 and Winters DXers Meeting

Welcome to the homepage presenting Delta-Xray Radio Club World Meeting 2003 and Winters DXers Meeting - held during the weekend 21+22+23 March 2003 at Hotel Euroski in Andorra.

You can read all about the presentation of the World DXers Meeting here.

You can read all about Delta-Xray Radio Clubs World Meeting 2003 and the World DXers Meeting and at the pages below.
The story from DXRC World Meeeting 2003.
Meeting pictures, from picture 1 to picture 37.
Meeting pictures, from picture 38 to picture 69.
Group pictures.
Other pictures.

DXRC sends a special THANKS to Event Manager 51DX401 Christian for arranging a fantastic weekend in a great spirit.
Also thanks to 30DX299 Gaby, 51DX014 Xavier and 30DX184 George for support.

Photos are taken by: 14AT263 Bruno, 14DX007 Vincent, 21AT116 Chris, 30DX082 Zalo, 47DX002 Soren, 47DX052 Tom and 47DX132 Carsten.

Unfortunately we did not manage to make a Group Picture with all attendants included. Below is one of the official pictures - and here are callsigns/names listed for all attendents:
1DX066 Katty, 1DX116 Graziano, 14DX007 Vincent, 14DX461 Ludo, 14AT034 Gerald, 14AT263 Bruno, 14AT334 Mario, 21AT116 Chris
30DX012 Xavier, 30DX016 Rafael, 30DX082 Zalo, 30DX184 George, 30DX299 Gaby, 30DX601 Jordi, 30AT484 Victor, 30AT870 Rosa Mari, 30DXnew Chris' Father
47DX002 Soren, 47DX052 Tom, 47DX101 John, 47DX132 Carsten, 51DX401 Christian, 51DX014 Xavier, 51AT226 Reginald