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Welcome to Delta-Xray Radio Club Awards main page.

From the year 2008 - and onwards - DXRC will give awards. The first awards was given at the Delta-Xray Radio Club World Meeting in Wittenberg, Germany (2008).

Click at the year below to see more about the Delta-Xray Radio Club award program from a certain year.

DXRC Meeting 2011 - Genner, Denmark:
- 2011-11-28: Delta-Xray Award announcements

DXRC Meeting 2009 - Poznan, Poland:
- 2009-08-31: Delta-Xray Award announcements

DXRC Meeting 2008 - Wittenberg, Germany:
- 2008-05-18: 1AT001 Mr. Aldo awarded with Delta-Xray Achievement Award 2008
- 2008-05-18: 171DX/1 + 344DX/1 awarded with Delta-Xray Radio Club Best activation 2007

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