Bureau Guidelines

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1. Purpose
DXRC-Bureau's purpose is to deliver QSL-management for DXRC-members and - when possible - also give this service to independent operators (not members), refering to DXRC Vision/Mission.
DXRC-Bureau is responsible for QSL-management for all Official DXRC Activities and DXRC-Bureau receives all QSL-cards.

2. Coorperation
When it is possible to make co-operation to other persons/other clubs concerning QSL-management this should be tried.

3. DXRC-Bureau organsation
DXRC-Bureau refers to DXRC President. The servicelevel for DXRC-Bureau is set by the President and all bigger decisions for DXRC-Bureau is decided by the President.

DXRC-Bureau always work very close with the DXRC Working Team.

4. Standard service
DXRC design, print and sends out QSL-cards for all members' Official DXRC-activities.

4A: Design: Even though the Operators running activities must secure good conditions for DXRC-Bureau to design QSL-cards (help with pictures etc.), its the responsibility of DXRC-Bureau to secure that cards are designed: To avoid unnessasary waitingtime this also means that DXRC-Bureau will decide how the cards are designed.
In case you wish to design the cards yourself (decide the layout of the cards) you are free to do so.
Please follow our QSL-cards Guidelines and please notice that DXRC-Bureau might not pay the costs (designing and printing) in that case.

4B: Printing Compagny: DXRC-Bureau will order printing from DXRC-Bureau printing compagny.

4C: Printing Quality:
- If more than 300-350 cards are needed: DXRC's high printing standard (print+paper) will be used.
- If less than 300-350 cards are needed: Digital printing might be used: Even though DXRC look for the highest possible quality in design, paper and printing, we also prefer to have speciel design for each QSL-card made. Some activities experience low propagation and therefore a very low number of QSO's in log. With more than (expected) 100 Official DXRC Activities in the coming years DXRC-Bureau prefers to offer individual design over Ultra-High Quality - simply to lower the costs.

5. Less than 50 QSO's
In the case that the activity has worked less than 50 QSO's, this applies:

5A: DXRC-Bureau will use a standard IOTA/IWI QSL-card for these activities. For DXCC's with many IOTA/IWI-activities special DXCC QSL-cards will be made.

5B: If a member activates several islands in the same year and would like to have a special QSL-card for these activities, then a special card can be made, if the total amount of QSO's are above 50.

If a member decide to activate several islands in the same year and would like to have a special QSL with fore example 4 islands - The DXRC-Bureau will design,print and pay for this card even if the average of logged statiuons are below 50.

If the member would like to have printed a special QSL for each island activated the member must expect this will be by own expense.

1. The member activates one island for some hours, have 30 stations in the log and the member want a special QSL-card for that island, the member has to pay for the printing himself.

2. The member activates a second island the same day or later and have 75 stations in the log and also want a special QSL for this island - the DXRC-Bureau pays for the printing for this card.

3. If the member would like to have some extra card printed for personal use (collection cards) - the member has to pay for these cards himself.

3. Overall financials:
DXRC QSL Bureau have to make a complete financial accountance for every single activity they support as a manager.
Once a year DXRC-Bureau has to make a complete accounting for all held activities during the latest year.
Accountance must be presented no later than at the end of February to DXRC HQ for the period January to December.
If there are any profit made by DXRC-Bureau it may only be used to support the work of DXRC-Bureau.

4. General financials:
Normally the following agreement with a "activity team " is made:
a. DXRC QSL Bureau is responsible for designing the QSL
b. DXRC QSL Bureau is responsible for printing of the QSL, also the financial part
c. If the financial part for a specific station is
- negative: DXRC QSL Bureau is responsible
- equals the expenses: DXRC QSL Bureau is responsible
- positive: DXRC QSL Bureau keeps the money
As time goes, DXQMT will gain some money, which at the end will be used to pay for unexpected bills (extra printing of QSL-cards, extra sending of QSL's to a new manager, etc.

It is the vision that the finance of DXRC QSL Bureau must be 0 or positive and that unexpected bills concerning this issue always can be payed by DXRC QSL Bureau.

5. Representing the club
DXRC QSL Bureau is the official representing for DXRC in matters that concerns QSL-management, for instance co-operation with others clubs QSL managers, with members or non-members of DXRC that want the support of DXRC QSL Bureau etc.

6. DXRC QSL Bureau and team members:
For the moment DXRC QSL Bureau is managed by Mr. Jesper, 47DX109.

7. DXRC QSL Bureau address:
As a general Rule, DXRC QSL Bureau use only one address to public: Skovvaenget 24, DK-6440 Augustenborg, Denmark.

8. Overall DXRC Vision/missions:
DXRC QSL Bureau has to follow the Vision, Mission and Guidelines by DXRC, and must always be in good standing to the club.
DXRC QSL Bureau are ready to be an innovated factor for things that will gain and benefit the whole 11-meter community.
DXRC QSL Bureau will co-operate with other serious QSL-managers when possible in order to benefit the entire 11-meter band.

9. QSG: (Quality, Seriousity and Gentlemanship)
Quality, Seriousity and Gentlemanship (courtesy) must always be shown to any person, especially non-members asking for status for a specific QSL, or requesting a secondary card ("my cards is still not received").

Version 2.0 - date: 08/01/2014

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