Guideline use of callsigns from other clubs

Delta-Xray Radio Club has made Guidelines, in order to support our members understanding the DXRC thoughts concerning usage of callsigns from other clubs.
Read the Guideline below...

Can I hold other callsigns?
As a DXRC-member, you can also be a member of other clubs. You can be a member of as many clubs as you like. We have no say about this.

Can I use other callsigns?
Yes, but please read here:
As a member of DXRC you support DXRC - and the DXRC Vision/mission.
But in public you only support DXRC in one way and that is by telling all other
operators worldwide that you support DXRC - you do that by using your DXRC callsign!!!
If you use another callsign in public, then you do not support DXRC in public...
Therefore I do not support DXRC-members ising callsigns from other clubs.

Please explain with more words
When using a callsign from another club, then you support this club - and not DXRC. Its this simple...

As DXRC is more than a club - we also want to make changes to our band - we need to have a strong voice, - a strong image. To have this we need "the right members": active with their DXRC-callsign "on air", at mailinglists, on clusters, at radio meetings, in your email signature, etc. etc. - where ever you want to represent your club.
Via your representation we have a strong club - and we can make changes to our band.

So when can I use a non DXRC callsign?
The more you use callsigns from other clubs, the less you support DXRC. However, there can be specific situations or specific reasons where it can be either helpfull or a good idea to use a callsign from another club. In those situations should you of course use other callsigns.

Lets take a few examples:
- Example 1: Your address is in a QTH-list/directory from another club. You are in QSO with a member of that club (you use your DXRC-callsign, of course) and you are asked for your address for QSL-exchange reasons. It is of course OK to tell the other operator, that you hold a callsign of the other club, and he can find your address as "26cc123".

- Example 2: Once a year you are in a QSO with an very old friend "13cc321" at 655. At the end of the QSO you are signing of like this: "73 and bye from 26cc123".

Can I run an activation with another clubs callsign?
Running an activation for another club means that you support the other club instead of supporting DXRC. We prefer that you support DXRC, our Vision/mission and all the things that DXRC supports.
We encourage you, as a member, to be active, also for activations (of course according to our "activation guidelines") - and of course with your DXRC callsign.
Please ask yourself: "Will it be good for DXRC that I activate with another clubs callsign?"

Hey, I really would like to activate with another clubs callsign
At DXRC we have no rules (instead we have guidelines). If you feel that there are very special reasons for you to activate with another clubs callsign (=supporting another club than DXRC) then please contact Mette for dialogue. Thanks.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Mette for questions and dialogue. Thanks.

Best wishes

Mette 47DX088

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Latest update: 12/12/2007