Island activations proper callsigns

All island activities should follow the same policy for a better understanding when the activity is on air.

All DXRC members are welcome to activate an island, either apply for a club callsign or use a portable callsign.
In any case, in order to follow the club's policy, please send an email to either 26DX047 Darran or 30DX401 Christian to check for the best suffix to use.

Firstly, for activation / radio purposes, there are 3 different type of Islands:
  1. Islands which do qualify for a RSGB IOTA reference number
  2. Islands which do not qualify for a RSGB reference number (non-valid isl. or N/V)
  3. Inland Water Islands - River, Lake islands (IWI)
Regarding Island activity callsign suffixes, we differ between:

a. IOTA-references where there is only one (1) island in the IOTA-reference group (= there are no other islands that hold the same IOTA-reference)
*then we only use the IOTA-reference as suffix.
Example: 14DX/EU148.

b. IOTA-references with several islands listed in the same IOTA group.
If there are several islands in the same IOTA-reference group (which there normally are)
*then we only use the local reference as suffix (instead of the IOTA-groups reference).
Example: 13DX/O007, 47DX/SJ009, 30DX/N126, 14DX/ME020, etc.

c. IOTA-referenced Islands with no local reference numbers.
If an operator plans to be active from 1 island valid for an IOTA group which does not have a local reference number :
*the suffix should be the IOTA reference number.

d.If an operator plans to active more than one island from the same IOTA group which do not have any local reference numbers :
*then a 1 or 2 letter suffix should be used after the IOTA ref number to differentiate between the island activations.
Example: 29DX/EU115/C Crab island, ( remember we only add the /C suffix if the operator is activating multiple islands from the same IOTA Group).

e.If an island has a compound name
*then its first two initials will apply, for example Big Rock island will use
59DX/EU001/BR callsign/suffix.
If there are two or more islands in the same group with the same initial then we suggest using two distinctive letters of its name to show they are different islands.
Examples: IOTAs: 344DX/EU-163/SE Sveti Nedelja island, 344DX/EU-163/SI Sveti Nikola island.

*Please use the letter "India" in the last position of the suffix to refer it as an island if it does not have any kind of reference (IOTA or local).

f.Islands which are not valid for IOTA but where a local reference exists, local reference will be the suffix, example 30DX/N191 Montehano Island.

g.Islands which are not valid for IOTA and without a local reference number we suggest to use letter suffixes ending in "i" ( india).
Example: Rainbow Island will use PREFIX/RI, therefore 47DX/RI.

h. The same policy applies for IWIs. First, using a local reference as suffix (if local iwi ref exists), if no local iwi ref exists, we use a 1 or 2 letter suffix + letter india.
Example: 26DX/WI Wood Island.
We recommend the operator of a non local referenced IWI activation to mention periodically on air that the activation is from an Inland Water island, this will help differentiate between N/V islands without local ref numbers and IWI island activations.

Portable activations (under operator's responsibility):

Portable activities can be done at any time without asking permission to DXRC HQ, however we ask our members to check with the best suffix to be used if the activity takes place from an island.
Please mind the following guidelines in order to secure the most appropriate prefix/suffix:
1. When outside your own DXCC country use PREFIX / HOMECALL, example 283/26DX021.
2. When active from an island use HOMECALL / ISLAND SUFFIX policy described in points a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h.

On portable island activations from a different DXCC the callsign would be like 1/47DX002/VE045, but we recommend to use a special callsign to make it shorter and easier.

Please, use your common sense when applying for suffixes. For example, if a member goes on holidays to Sardinia, Crete or any island in the West Indies it is not necessary to use special suffix from the main island, unless he goes to a smaller/rarer island.
The same happens for islands with many local stations active, such as Sicily, United Kingdom (EU-005), Sjaelland isl (EU-029), Mallorca, etc. Once again, we appeal to the operator's common sense to keep the good quality of all DXRC activations.


Revised 30/09/2008.