Delta-Xray Radio Club

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Delta-Xray Radio Club is a 11-meter radio club, formed November 1st 2001.
The club is formed by extremely experienced, qualified and skilled operators.

Please browse around our site to learn more about Delta-Xray Radio Club.

Apply for membership
If you like the ideas and thoughts about Delta-Xray Radio Club, then feel free to apply for membership. When apply, then please notice that we really believe in our ideas... By this we mean that being a member means that we believe in your professionalism, skills and behaviour.

More to come
Building a club, based on new standards and new technology is really not easy and takes a lot of time.
We have focused at the few important things to create this website.
By this I mean that the site only contains the most important information for you to decide, if Delta-Xray Radio Club is a club for you.
Much more information and ideas will be implemented at our site later.

Thanks for visiting our site

47DX088 Mette
Founder and President