DXRC World Meeting 2004 in Tarragona

Welcome to the homepage presenting Delta-Xray Radio Club World Meeting 2004 - held during the weekend April 30th to May 2nd 2004 at Tarragona Spain.

You can read all about the presentation of the World Meeting 2004 here.

You can read all about Delta-Xray Radio Clubs World Meeting 2004 at the pages below.
The story from DXRC World Meeeting 2004.
Meeting pictures, from picture 1 to picture 36.
Meeting pictures, from picture 37 to picture 72.
Meeting pictures, from picture 73 to picture 106.

DXRC sends a special THANKS to Event Manager 30DX401 Christian for arranging a fantastic weekend in a great spirit. Thanks Chris

We are extremely proud to arrange our Meeting and see so many (really: so many) non-DXRC members from many countries: Sweden, Italy, France, Holland - and of course Spain.
We truely hope to see you all again at our next meeting.
Thanks for participating, thanks for joining.

Photos and video are taken by: 13DX028 Niko, 14DX461 Ludo, 47DX002 Soren.

01 14SD051 Chris
02 30SD992 Pedro
03 30SD992 XYL
04 14IR206 Florent
05 14IR707 Willy
06 30DX083 XYL
07 30DX083 Jr.
08 14AT449 Greg
09 30IR012 Jordi
10 30DX083 Francisco
11 30IR262 Joan
12 30IR069 Miquel
13 30AN104 Antonio
14 30IR030 Ton
15 30SD093 Jaume
16 21AT116 Chris
17 14AT716 Alain
18 13DX028 Niko
19 47DX052 Tom
20 14WA055 Patrick (now 14DX055)
21 47DX002 Soren
22 14DX461 Ludo
23 47DX101 John
24 30AT227 Ramon
25 14DX007 Vincent
26 30DX016 Rafael
27 30SD331 Alvaro
28 30AT338 Antonio
29 30AT870 Rosa Mari
30 30DX401 Christian

Not present at picture:
- 30DX401 father
- 1AT070 Simon
- 1AT960 Paolo
- 239AT101 Luca (1AT976)
- 30DX601 Jordi
- 30DX012 Xavier
- 30AT018 Alfonso (R.I.P)
- 30AT070 Alfonso Jr.