Story 26DX/CU010

Story from 26DX/CU010 activity.

Well I finally got to conquer my nemesis.

At the third time of trying, Dova Haw (Crab Island) was finally put on air, everything but the band conditions was perfect to go ahead, Weather, Tides, Solar numbers etc all said GO, Unfortunately the log was a little shorter than I would have liked.

Setting off on the high tide Saturday, the water was a little choppy but an uneventful crossing saw me land on the Island as planned. A quick look around the Island for suitable ground to make camp and somewhere to mount the antenna, then I got straight to work.

I had a problem with my PSU. Voltage was fine but not enough amps to drive radio, even on low power. I had taken a 12v Battery as backup, but didn't think I would need it this early. So I ran the radio from the 12v Battery and used what ampage I had from the psu to trickle charge the 12v supply. Always hoping it would last.

First in log was Andy 26AT026 who also gave me radio report and band conditions, sadly my fone would not give me internet access so it was "old School" from the start. Slow but steady progress for the first day with around 60 logged before I closed down for the night.

Not a bad nightís sleep, I woke to see the tide line from high tide in the early hours was only a couple of feet away from my bed. Sunday was a poor day for Propagation, and progress was very slow. I kept on plugging away whilst trying to conserve battery power, by qrt time, the band had pretty much dried up.

I would have been much happier to put a couple of hundred into the log from this Island, but we can only work with the conditions we get. Iím happy it is finally crossed off the NEW ONE list and it was me that got to do it first. There are only a couple of IOTA here now that have not been put on air. Whether its me or some new blood that does it, I hope they appear soon.

Thanks again to the usual suspects, 047, 026, 101 and the management/qsl team. To my xyl who agreed to me going on our wedding anniversary, Thankyou. And of course to all those that called in.

73 de Trevor 26DX015