26DX/CU010 - Dova Haw Island - IOTA EU-005

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Dova Haw Island is a small islet which belongs to a Group of islands commonly known as the Islands of Furness.

Dova Haw, also known locally as Crab Island is a small tidal island off the coast of Cumbria. Previously, Dova Haw was the site of an oil lamp lighthouse built from stone, the lighthouse is now long gone but itís foundations are still present and visible today.

Trevor intends to be active on air for approximately 26 hours through Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of September.

Access can only be made by boat, this activity is solely dependant on weather, high wind or excessive tidal swell will make it too dangerous and Trevor will postpone if necessary.

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26DX015 Mr. Trevor
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
Start : 27/09/2014: Approx. 12:00utc.
Finish: 28/09/2014: Departure approx. 14:00utc.
(Times could change subject to weather/sea conditions).

Equipment used:
- antenna: Bamby or Skypper
- radio: Kenwood TS570
- microphone: original
- power: 100W
- logsystem: "Readability and Signal report exchange"

Activity Contract:
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Activity Status: APPROVED (score 95)
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