Story 34DX/S007

Story from 34DX/S007 activity.

At the middle of my Holidays I take the Boat from Corajero City in north par of fuerteventura island to go in lanzarote island.

On the morning I past with my rental car, and of course inside the Icom IC 706, stick and Multiband Antenna Mobile, this years the ref s007 will be only in Short operation Mod.

When I take the keys of my Hotel room I see immediately that it will be impossible to be active from the room, I m at level 0 just of the from of the Hotel Swimming Proof with a lot of big tree.

So any way I install the station in the mobile car and I start to calling, like in Fuerteventura the band is totally close the morning short windows at 18 or 19h00 local.

During 2 day I make 75 Qso with a very Low condition, during my activity I have meet and DL Ham radio guy that have see my equipment and listing me calling from a parking we will exchange together about radio etc

Darran 26DX047 just before my departure give me the information about some little rocks that will be new one on 11 meters from the East coast of lanzarote, so I take one hour to check the access of these islands which wold be new ones on 11m, for info I intend to come back in lanzarote very soon to make this New one.

During two day of activation the temperature was incredible more than 30 outside and 35 in the car sure that I have lost 1 or 2 Kg in this story.

I have a short controle of the guardia civil that ask what I am doing, I annswer was I calling my father that he is at 500 nautic from here, answer and have you the Bill of parking , yes I have , so have a nice day :-).

73 de..Tomas 14DX020