34DX/S007 - Lanzarote Island AF-004

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Tomas will be activating both Lanzarote S-007 and Fuerteventura S-006 islands, majority of time will be spent on Fuerteventura.

***UPDATE 01/07/2014***
Tomas mentions hotel on Lanzarote was not antenna friendly, so transmissions were from hire-car, prop was not good. Tomas did search out some small coastal islands which he hopes to put on air on his next 34Div vacation.

Find Lanzarote Island on Islands Base Online.

14DX020 Mr. Tomas
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
29/06/2014 to 30/06/2014: Lanzarote island. AF-004

Equipment used:
- antenna: Bamby, Stick & Dipole
- radio: iCOM iC706
- microphone: Heil Sound IC
- power: 100w to 300w
- logsystem: "Readability and Signal report exchange"

Activity Contract:
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Activity Status: APPROVED (score 86)
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QSL design:
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Audio recordings:
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