Story 47DX/FY003

Story from 47DX/FY003 activity.

After a long time thinking, around 2 years I took the decision to activate Baagoe island. My plan was first to do the island in the Island Festival which always takes place in first weekend in June, but as I couldn’t get anyone to go with me on the island, I dropped the idea and changed it to a summer activity, it was a good decision because I had company of my very best friend Susanne and the WX was perfect too.

My trip started with a very simple thing, I wrote the activity contract 2 days before the activation announcement at our website, so that I had it ready on my computer, if I got a yes from my travel partner Susanne to go with me, could I quick send the contract to Darran, which I did 3 days before the activity started, who is the latest we can send the contract according to our rules.

Susanne and I was driving from home at Thursday the 26. of July in the morning at 5:30UTC, we had to reach the ferry from Als island(my QTH) to Fyn island at 6:00UTC. At Fyn was the trip by car around 35 km. to the city of Assens where the ferry to Baagoe island sailings from. The ferry to Baagoe sailed at 8:00UTC. After we arrived safe and without any delay/problems at Baagoe island we was having lunch before I started to install the equipment, which took me around 1,5 hours. I started to call CQ CQ from 47DX/FY003 at 12:30UTC and the first in the log was Finn 13DX011 and Mike 13HA001 both via GW. The propagation was unfortunately very bad, I think because of we had strong aurora 2 days earlier before my activity started. But never mind, I was enjoying being at the radio from a new island and managed to get 35 stations in my log, many of them was from Denmark.

When I was at the radio (around 14 hours in all) Susanne was wandering around Baagoe island(13 km.) and looking at birds, it is her interest to looking after birds. She got 42 different birds in her log, so she laughed a bit of me, because I “only” got 35 stations in my log. This was of course only for fun.

At Friday the 27. of July in the evening time I had planned to make a second island. It was Egholm island, EU-172 at the northwest side of Baagoe island. It is only possible to access this island on foot and a little handcart, not with bicycle/car etc. The island is a very small without inhabitants and with very little vegetation(Most of it is far grass).

Callsign of Egholm island was 47DX109/EU172 and a personal/portable activity, due to time restraints. After a long trip on foot (around 5 km.) from the campsite at Baagoe island to the activity location on Egholm island, EU-172. I started to call CQ CQ at 16:00UTC and again Finn 13DX011 was the first in my log, via GW. He was waiting for my call. It was a very easy contact and my report from Finn was 5/5, I was positive surprised, because my setup was only 35watt from the radio/car battery and a bamby antenna, distance between us was around 65 km. After having Finn in the log and our test, was I QRV from the island around 3 hours to 19:15UTC short before sunset. In all got I 30 stations in the log, which was very good compared with my activity on Baagoe island.

Next day Saturday the 28. of July after I have had 2 new islands in the air and a nice stay on the islands too, we took the ferry back home from Baagoe island at 7:05UTC. We were home at our QTH around noon time.

Big thanks to all who made it in my log and to those who took time to listen after me.

Vy 73 de Jesper 47DX109