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Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, is situated on several islands. The two biggest islands are Sealand and Amager islands. In the narrow gap between these 2 islands we find 7-8-10 smaller islands that we plan to activate in the future.

These islands are all part of the older Copenhagen, some man-made, others manually made bigger. Several of them have hosted the Danish Navy’s HQ and is together named Holmen.

Back in time, Denmarks fleet was built just outside (the old part of) Copenhagen, on Holmen islets. Holmen islets consist of 4-5 islands, among them Nyholm which we activate today.

Today Nyholm still holds part of the danish navy.

More info about Nyholm:

Holmen Wikipedia.

Holmen Naval Base.

What is Nyholm isl. valid for?
Nyholm is close to Sealand island (Sjaelland Archipilago - EU-029) and is included in the EU-O29 group of lslands. Therefore Nyholm also qualify for IOTA EU-029.
Despite Nyholm is man-made, created by sunken ships, mud and garbage, and also could be considered an IWI-island due to its location in the narrow strait, one could argue “not valid”. I will let it be up to each and every person that works me to decide what this contact is valid for... As a conclusion, I will TX from an island.

The activation is planned between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

I look forward to work you.

Soren 47DX002

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47DX002 Mr. Soren
DXRC Bureau

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Activity schedule:
20/03/2013 (approx 3hrs operation): Nyholm island. (new one)

Equipment used:
- antenna: Bamby on 10m pole
- radio: Yaesu FT-857
- microphone: original
- power: 100 Watt
- logsystem: "Readability and Signal report exchange"

Activity Contract:
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Activity Status: APPROVED (score 94)
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