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Reliant on Staksi the boatman, if promises are kept and all goes to plan John will be active from Lazaretta isl.

Lazaretta island is sometimes referred to by locals as Agioi Apostoloi, but over recent years it's more commonly know as Lazaretta island.

Historical information about Lazaretta island:

Lazaretta is a tiny, uninhabited island which lays a little offshore to the west of Chania Harbour.

It was an old leprosarium island where any persons suspected of having leprosy were disembarked before being allowed to enter the town of Chania. Its name is taken from Lazarus, who was venerated as a patron saint of lepers by the Roman Catholic Church.

On top of the island you can still see the remains of a 25m long and 7m wide construction that housed the inhabitants of the island. Around 1645 the building was destroyed by the Turks in order to use the flatfoundation area as a base to place a large cannon to aid in their attack of Chania's stronghold at the mouth of the harbour.

The little white church on the island is a monument dedicated to Agios Nikolaos. It was built by a local man who emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1954.

Lazaretta is considered to be one of the best areas for snorkelling all along the west coast.

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47DX101 Mr. John
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Activity schedule:
13/04/2013: Lazaretta island. ( new one )

Equipment used:
- antenna: Bamby
- radio: Yaesu FT 897
- microphone: original
- power: 100 Watt
- power source: 12v car battery
- logsystem: "Readability and Signal report exchange"

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