Guideline 1: The DX-Guide

  1. We will listen before we call a station or activation.

  2. If we cannot hear the station or activation in a pile up-situation, we will not call.

    A valid QSO is always a 2-way radio QSO. One way QSO's (SWL-reports), confirmations via other stations, internet etc. does not count for a valid 2-way QSO.
    As a conclusion we define:
    A valid QSO is a two way radio contact between 2 radio stations, identifying each others and exchanging information.
    Information can for instance being exchange of radio reports or progressive numbers.

  3. Some stations are working split - we will always try to find out, if the activation is running split in order not to call on the activations "TX-frequency".

  4. We do not shout: "What is the activation?", "What is the split-frequency?" etc. on an split-activations TX-frequency.

  5. We never write QRZ/callsign on envelope when sending QSL.

  6. We always QSL, when we receive a QSL-card. When we receive a QSL-card, and sender is not in our log, we always return our card for collection only (for instance with the text: "Not in log").

  7. We use an adult, mature and gentleman-like language and behaviour on the radio - and also when we use other media (internet, e-mail etc.).

  8. When needed, we contact fellow members to solve possible problems - we always contact fellow members directly and in private and communicate openly, honest and with respect.

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