Welcome to the information page of the Nordic Tour 2012.

161DX018 Slawek and Greg 161DX037 plan an island bonanza, they plan to activate over 40 different islands around Sweden and the Aland Island achipelago.

The majority of the islands they will try to put on air will be short stay " drive by islands ", so on these short stay islands both Slawek and Greg will use personal / portable callsigns ie something like 212/161DX018/T - Torshomla isl.

For the longer stay activities where primary objective is to activate the island, Official DXRC Activity callsigns have been issued, in total there will be 15 Official DXRC Activities, plus more than 30 other islands will be activated with personal / portable callsigns.

For this tour specifically - all QSL's ( both Official activities and portable activities ) go via DXRC BUREAU.

The island hunter who works them from the most islands will be given a gift from Slawek and Greg, the chaser with the most islands worked will win a souvenir Flag of the Nordic Tour 2012.

Greg and Slawek will again contest in the Original Island Festival, they successfully won the Team category in 2010 and managed a very respectable 2nd place last year, they will be pushing hard again this year for top position.

161DX018 Slawek
161DX037 Greg
DXRC Bureau

E-mail to manager: Click .

Official DXRC activity callsigns issued are:

Callsign - link to activity Webpage - isl. name Date
21DX/EU138/S - Senoren isl. 30/05/2012
21DX/EU084/L - Lidingo isl. 31/05/2012
212DX/EU002/BR - Brando isl. 01/06/2012
212DX/EU002 - Ava isl. 02/06/2012
212DX/EU002/BO - Bolmo isl. 02/06/2012
212DX/EU002/BJ - Bjornholma isl. 03/06/2012
212DX/EU002/SO - Soderholmen isl. 03/06/2012
212DX/EU002/D - Djurholm isl. 04/06/2012
212DX/EU002/RA - Ramso isl. 04/06/2012
21DX/EU084/F - Furusund isl. 04/06/2012
21DX/TI - Tannafors isl. 06/06/2012
21DX/LI - Lango isl. 07/06/2012
21DX/VAI - Âlleskär isl. 07/06/2012
21DX/VNI - Varno (Arnö) isl. 07/06/2012

Additional to the islands above, personal / portable operations will be done from " short stay " islands, these activities will be very sporadic, so these will be done " on the fly " basis.

We recommend you keep a tight log with attention to detail re callsigns worked, as a teaser here are just a few of the islands which will be on air with portable callsigns: Knarrholm isl, Stor-Klyppingen, Svartno, Lemland, Styso, Nato, Grano, Bergo, Prasto, Tofto, Gersholm, Gersholm#2, Vardo, Torsholma and Lilla Hummelholm island just to mention a few !.

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