Activities Quick Guide

For Official DXRC Activity: Before, during and after...

BEFORE your activity:

1: The Activity Contract:
- download the Activity Contract to your computer
- read and understand the Activity Contract
- fill in all needed data to the Activity Contract
- send the Activity Contract via email to

If you feel you cannot honour the Activity Contract, please do not run an official DXRC activity, thanks.

2. Proofs:
Check out the Activities Proofs Page - maybe its an idea to print out the page and take it with you to the site of activation. To read the Guidelines about Proofs, click here.

3. DXRC Log:
Please send your log to DXRC in the official format, as seen here .
If you wish not to send in your log via this Excel-format, please ask Tom 47DX052 first. Thanks.

DURING your activity:

1. Proofs:
When you arrive at the site of activity, emmidiately collect proofs.
Please never forget: its better to work 1 station and have good proofs - than working 1.000 stations and have bad proofs.
To read the Guidelines about Proofs, click here.

2. How to run the Activator station/operate the station:
its very important you are in control of your activation and Pile Up.
To read our "Best Practice" about how to run an activity, please read our Guidelines abouth this topic, click here.

3. Information to DXRC website:
In case you can send information to us while your activity is in progress we will happily receive your e-mail and upload relevant information a.s.a.p. to your Activity Webpage at DXRC website. We will do this as quicly as possible, notice please that we are not sitting waiting for you to e-mail us.

To secure that we can handle your "in progress material", please
- send pictures as .jpg-format
- sound files as .mp3-files or .wav-files
- video/movie files as .wmv or .avi-files
- documents to open via Windows Office package
Please use e-mail only as we cannot guarantee that we can get your information from other media to the website, thanks.

AFTER your activity:

1. We need to receive all information from you, as agreed in the Contract.
The sooner we receive your material, the sooner we can upload the material to your Activity webpage at DXRC website and the more profesional and serious we will be seen.

1. Proofs
It is extremely important that you present good and solid proofs from your activity. The sooner we receive your material the more strong your proofs will look.
In case you cannot live up to the agreed contract (for instance about timescales), please contact us emmidiately to discuss "what then"!

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Latest update: 10/12/2011