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In order to quickly find all needed information about activities we have made this Portal where all needed information is gathered.

Quick links:
- Download the Activity Agreement.
- Go to "Top Most Wanted" DXCC's, our list of all DXCC divided into categories.
- Download DXRC approved log format here.

For DXRC-members and non DXRC-members:

How shall I work a DXRC-activation?
If you wish to work a DXRC-activity, please refer to our page about good
behaviour "on air" - please read here: DXRC Guidelines #1.

Do you want to request a DXRC QSL-card?
Please click here to read all about how to requst a DXRC QSL-card via DXRC-Bureau.

For DXRC members:

Official DXRC Activities versus "Portable callsigns"
Each member can decide for himself, if his coming activity shall be an Official Club Activity - or a "portable activity". To learn all about the difference, please click here.

The Activity Agreement
Official DXRC Activities are only approved when we have received an Activity Agreement.
If no Activity Agreement has been received, the activity is classified as a "portable activity".
Only Official DXRC Activities can use DXRC-Bureau as QSL-Manager, have an Activity page at DXRC-website, use DXRC Logsearch and more.
Click here to learn all about - and download - our Activity Agreement.

Find the most correct callsign
To find the best and most correct callsign for your activity, please read our Guidelines about callsigns. We kindly ask you to be in close dialogue with DXRC in order to help and support your choice. Only via dialogue we will know about your plans...

Find our 1-2-3 Quick Guide
We have made a simple, yet very good Quick Guide that we all should read, before we plan and operate an activity.Click here to read our 1-2-3 Quick Guide about how to manage all administration related to a an Official DXRC Activity.

Learn all about island activities callsigns - IOTA - N/V - iWi
Which callsign shall I use for my upcoming IOTA, N/V or IWI-activity? First of all, please contact DXRC for support, but also read about guidelines about finding the best possible callsign.
Click here to read all about island activity callsigns.

Check out our list of DXCC's - divided into Categories (TOP MW)
Check out our full list of DXCC's and see which categories each DXCC is in.

Read ALL about proofs!!!
What is good proofs? How do I collect good proofs? Why is proofs so important?
Proofs must be collected in respect for all those that work you from a certain site, and please remember:
Better to have Super proofs and work only one station, that work 100 stations and have bad proofs.
Read all about proofs here.

Read ALL about how to run an activity
Which callsign shall I use? Why say "QRZ"? Shall I use split or not? Can my friends also be active?
Before you go "on air" as an activator, please read all about how to run an activity in a professional way.

DXRC log-format
In order to be able to upload your log in our log program, we kindly ask you to use the approved log-format in Microsoft Excel format. If you prefer to send in your log in another format, please arrange this while agreeing the Activity Agreement.
Download the approved log format here, thanks.

Sending material to DXRC Working Team members
For members with less experience in running activities:
Please send in material in a state ready to upload to DXRC-website, except for pictures. Send in pics in High Resolution without editing them, as we prefer to do this ourselves in order to match design nbd size to all other material at DXRC-website.
Please dont mix emails with questions to Tom/material to Darran (etc.) When sending material, please send material from only one activity in one email and make it clear which activity the attached material is related to. In other words: Please only send "high quality" emails to DXRC.
If you have been running activities from several sites/places/islands etc., please dont mix the different activities into the same email, instead send us several emails. Thanks.
For members with high experience in running activities:
it would help us a great deal if you would read this detailed document, describing how to send in material in best possible way.


Q1: What is the difference between "portable" and "activation"?
A1: If you activate as "portable" you use your own callsign for the activity (example: 13/19DX056), then do not send in proofs, no mention of activity on DXRC Website. Then all is as you are transmitting from home, you take care of QSL-cards, proofs etc. yourself.
If you activate with a DXRC Activity-callsign you use a callsign like 307DX/1. DXRC will setup an Activity page at DXRC website, all QSL's will go via DXRC-Bureau, you will sign the Activity Agreement to avoid any possible misunderstandings, etc. Read more below.
More information here.

Q2: What must I know, before I am active as a DXRC-activator?
A2: First, read all information at our Activities Portal. Then, make good preparation.
To run a DXRC-activation/activity means that you are a "on air" and you attract a lot of attention. Its important to DXRC, that you handle this situation in best possible way - and present yourself and the club profesionally.
Please find all needed info here.

Q3: What must I know, before I am active as a "portable activator"?
A3: To run an activity normally means good planning before going - the all needed equipment "at site" - and good knowledge about how to handle a Pile Up.
We have gathered inportant information about "how to handle a Pile Up" here.

Q4: What are my responsibilities towards the club, when I work as "portable"?
A4: When you are active with a "portable" callsign (like 307/47DX116), then you have no obligations or responsibilities towards the club, except - of course - the obligations and responsibilities you have, when you work your own station from home.
Your activity is your own responsibility: If you feel collecting proofs is a good idea (for your own sake) then please do so. We strongly recommend so.
QSL-management, etc. is done exactly as you do when you work from home.

Q5: When is an island actual an island (definition wise)?
A5: DXRC follows two standards when it comes to islands:
- IOTA rules by RSGB IOTA.
- Islands Base Online IBO.

In general DXRC follows the IOTA rules of RSGB.
We also follow the setup by IBO, when an island is accepted as an island at IBO website we accept this island as a island our members can activate.

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Latest update: 28/06/2015